[UPDATE] Happy Madness Day!

2017-09-22 18:47:04 by NitrousTechnology


Hello you lovely people! 

I have a lovely announcement for you all today, on this lovely september 22nd aka Madness Day.

I'm releasing a small weapon sprite pack for this madness day due to not having any movies ready.


This pack includes many different weapon sprites made by myself, mostly weapons you haven't seen in the MC series such as Chinese weapons and other types of weapons. This is also the first of the series I am planning.


12 Gun Sprites

1 Melee Weapon

1 GAZ Tigr



I hope you all enjoy them and please credit me if you use them!

Moving onto other matters...


I have begun plans for many new projects and movies for you all to enjoy once I get to the production stages.

I'm sure you all see the two characters in my Icon.

These two are the key factors in two of my planned movie series.

The first series will contain the ATP engineer with the blue mask otherwise known as Thomas Walker.

A Former Member of the A.A.H.W who now wanders Nevada looking for jobs and missions.

This series will follow a normal madness format like most do, no particular title just Madness - "Something"

The Second series that is planned right now, is a long solo movie taking place in an Alternate universe in Nevada, where Hank dies in MC1.

Not revealing anything major But...

The Title is Auditorium

So I hope you all look forward to these two big projects that I will be working on until I have finished or left.

Now onto current events and happenings...




My Current work in progress is a small solo movie that will feature Deimos as he battles through an A.A.H.W Facility, pretty run of the mill stuff to get the hang of madness and the style I want.

As well as something for you guys to dig your teeth in and learn more about me and my style.


So thats about it...

I hope you all have an absolutely lovely madness day!




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2017-09-22 22:01:30

Cool dudeski


2017-09-23 06:26:40

I like it!!!!

NitrousTechnology responds:

Are you joking my dude? or are ya bein serious?... cuz I've heard ya like to joke :3


2017-09-26 03:44:26

No jokes man i like it

NitrousTechnology responds:

Glad to hear, more will be coming soon, including a Colt Defender and a few other weapons. :D


2017-09-26 05:12:30

Don't trust xKirxeee!!!

NitrousTechnology responds: